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Our Artists

Meet our very special team of body architects – a bunch of real-deal, passionate folks. We’re all about infusing heart and soul into our art, and we’re super stoked to share it with our clients, who often end up becoming our friends along the way. From traditional blackwork to realism – we cover a broad range of tattoo styles. Our piercing specialist, Lliezel, can also help your piercing dreams come true, be it something traditional or more unconventional.  

Byron Barker

I would consider myself a rather versatile tattooer. Although I definitely favour more neo traditional and illustrative work. I also really enjoy etching and line work based blackwork, and contemporary Japanese. For subject matter I enjoy tattooing animals and slightly stylised classic tattoo imagery.

Tamryn Barker

I’m the co-owner and admin wizzard at our tattoo shop. When you step through our doors, I’m the friendly face at the front desk, blending my love for the art with top-notch organization. Together with the rest of The Body Architects family, I keep our tattoo haven running smoothly.

Alex Muller

I am a tattoo artist with over 6 years of experience. I initially specialized in hand-poke tattoos but in the last few years, I’ve transitioned to machine tattooing, predominantly focusing on black traditional, fine line, and stipple work, particularly enjoying lady heads, animals, and florals.


With two decades of experience since 2001, I handle all piercings, from ears to genitals. Over the years, I’ve honed unique methods for body modification, including bifurcating tongues, ear reconstructions, coin slots, scarification, and more. I’m even up for live body modification performances on request.


A seasoned tattoo artist with over 18 years of experience, I specialize in realism and black/grey tattoos. Beyond my art, I’m an avid digital artist and pug enthusiast. Explore my work on Instagram for a glimpse into my artistic world.


 I began my tattoo journey at 18, mastering various tattoo styles. I’ve evolved into specializing in geometric, heavy blackwork, tribal-inspired, and cyber/technoir designs. With a passion for travel, I’ve worked in shops worldwide, embracing diversity in tattooing.


I come from a family of fine artists and have always loved creating.

I started my tattoo apprenticeship at the body architects at 18, straight after high school. I am grateful to be learning this unique skill and it’s history, and look forward to the journey ahead of me.